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International plant epi/genetics meeting 2018

Meeting Schedule

29.10.2018   Day 1
08:00 Registration and coffee, poster installation
10:00 Welcome address

Session 1: Silencing mechanisms in plants I


Invited speaker: Jian-Kang Zhu

Active DNA demethylation and epigenetic anti-silencing in plants

10:55 James Walker: Epigenetic reprogramming in the plant male sexual lineage
11:25 Ranjith Papareddy: Small RNA regulation of non-CG DNA methylation dynamics during early embryogenesis in Arabidopsis
11:55 lunch

Session 1: Silencing mechanisms in plants II



Invited speaker: Bob Schmitz

Mapping non-coding regulatory elements in plant genomes

14:05 Eriko Sasaki: A microRNA originated in CMT1 regulates global CHG methylation levels by controlling CMT3 activity in Arabidopsis thaliana
14:35 Jean Molinier: Small-RNA mediated maintenance of genome and epigenome integrity upon UV exposure
15:05 coffee break

Session 2: Genomics and epigenomics in plant-environment interactions



Invited speaker: Claude Becker

Reconfiguring the epigenome by bypassing epigenetic resetting in the germ line

16:15 Yann Pecrix: Long non-coding RNAs and epigenetic regulations are attractive candidate elements for the orchestration of symbiotic gene expression in M. truncatula
16:45 Thierry Halter: Regulation of PAMP-induced transcriptional reprogramming by the active DNA demethylase ROS1
17:15 Mamadou Dia Sow: Poplar trees with decreased DNA methylation level are more tolerant to drought in relation to the deregulation of the expression of genes and TEs
17:45 Poster session with refreshments
30.10.2018   Day 2

Session 3: Epigenomics and stress responses



Invited speaker: Isabel Bäurle

Chromatin regulation of heat stress memory in plants

09:10 Horemans Nele: DNA methylation differences in Brassicacea plants exposed for multiple generations to enhanced gamma radiation: does the exposure history matter?
09:40 Liégard Benjamin: Natural epiallelic variation associated with quantitative resistance to plant pathogen
10:10 coffee break

Session 4: Epigenetics and transposable elements



Invited speaker: Tetsuji Kakutani

Evolution of sequence-specific anti-silencing systems in Arabidopsis

11:20 Filipe Borges: microRNA-triggered transposon small RNAs mediate genome dosage responses in hybrid seeds
11:50 Guillaume Moissiard: The Arabidopsis Plant Mobile Domain (PMD) proteins are involved in gene silencing
12:20 lunch
Afternoon excursion
Evening Gala Dinner
31.10.2018   Day 3

Session 5: Transposable elements, genome structure and gene expression



Invited Speaker: Clémentine Vitte

Methylome response to stress in the light of genome structure

09:10 Marco Catoni: Mobilization of Pack-CACTA transposons in Arabidopsis reveals the mechanism of gene shuffling
09:40 Pierre Baduel: Assessing the drivers of transposable element mobilization using natural and experimental Arabidopsis systems
10:10 coffee break
  Session 5 continued


Invited speaker: Nathan Springer

TE contributions to variation within species

11:20 Matthias Benoit: Harnessing retrotransposons to unlock phenotypic diversity in tomato

Invited speaker: Marie Mirouze

Combining mobilome-seq and de novo genome

12:30 lunch

Session 6: Using epigenetics and transposable elements for crop breeding


Invited Speaker: Olivier Panaud

Unraveling the retrotranspositional landscape of rice at species level using 3000 genomes

14:40 Michael Thieme: Inhibition of RNA polymerase II leads to the stress-dependent mobilization of retrotransposons in plants
15:10 Manu Dubin: Both climate of origin and breeding efforts influence DNA methylation in Barley
15:40 coffee break

Session 7: Bioinformatic analysis of transposable elements and epigenetic marks

16:10 Jérémy Berthelier: PiRATE v2: detection, classification and annotation of transposable elements of non-model organisms
16:40 Josep M. Casacuberta: TEs in peach and almond: same elements, different dynamics
17:10 Poster and Speaker awards for PhD students
1.11.2018   Day 4

Royal Abbey of Fontevrault, Lunch in a troglodytic cave and visit and tasting of a wine cave

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