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Genetic Diversity: a Cornerstone of Plant Breeding

Paris Plant Breeding Symposium 2017

Tuesday 26 September 2017 AgroParisTech, Paris

Here is the previsional agenda

9h00 - 9h30       Registration and coffee

9h30 – 10h00     Welcome and introduction

10h00 - 10h40   Dr. A. Charcosset, INRA Le Moulon - Integration of genetic resources in maize breeding programs

10h40 - 11h20   Dr. M. Limberger, Pioneer - Use of genetic diversity in corn and soy breeding programs at Dupont Pioneer

11h20 - 12h00   Dr. M. Causse, INRA Avignon - Tomato origin, variation and identification of QTL through GWAS and multiparental-populations

12h00 – 12h20   Guy Kol, SVP product & Strategic Alliances NRGene - NRGene tools for identification and management of genomic diversity – de novo assembly and beyond

12h20 - 14h20   Lunch and poster session

14h20 - 15h00   Prof. A. Melchinger, University of Hohenheim -  Progress in the doubled haploid (DH) technology in maize and its use for harnessing the genetic diversity in landraces

15h00 - 15h40   Dr. Peter Rogowsky, INRA / ENS Lyon - Genome editing: technical aspects, regulatory issues and impact on genetic diversity

15h40 - 16h00   Coffee break

16h00 - 16h40   Prof. R. Bernardo, University of Minnesota - Genomewide marker effects for purposes other than selection in plants

16h40 - 17h20   Prof. J. Hickey, University of Edinburgh - Next generation plant breeding programs and technologies

17h20 - 17h30   Wrap-up and discussion