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Paris Plant Breeding Symposium 2017

22 May 2018

Genetic Diversity : a Cornerstone of Plant Breeding 

26th September 2017

16 rue Claude Bernard
F-75231 Paris Cedex 05

Because no improvement can be achieved without existing genetic variation, genetic diversity is the cornerstone of plant breeding.

Since the beginning of crop cultivation by humans, the most interesting germplasms have been continuously selected in order to obtain bigger fruits, better adaptation to cultivation methods, etc...
Nevertheless, with more and more selection intensity, genetic diversity seems to have decreased in actual cultivated crops. Even though this reduction of genetic diversity is not always clearly identified, there is a concern that bottlenecks may restrict breeding flexibility and slow genetic gain when facing future agronomic issues.

Through this symposium, we would like to underline how plant breeding can make the best use of genetic diversity. We truly think that this subject needs to be addressed by the best researchers in their field (see the list of speakers and their field of expertise).

This Symposium aims at showing that genetic diversity :

  • Is a cornerstone of plant breeding
  • Can be harnessed with the most recent selection methods (QTL, GWAS, GS…)
  • Can even be generated using bio-technologies.