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12-13 september 2017

Welcome to CLIPS 2017 (Coalition for Live Imaging Paris-Saclay)

Multiscale Live Imaging in Human, Animal and Plant Health

The purpose of the symposium is to favor innovation for live imaging from architectural and molecular imaging to modeling of biological processes. The symposium will highlight news tools and technologies designed to probe and predict the cellular and the molecular state in a living organism. The aim is to unravel the morphogenetic processes involved in the building of a normal or a pathological state (adaptability, pathogenesis, therapeutic).

The conference is centered on the broad topic of live imaging, with the intention of bringing together multidisciplinary scientific forces in the fields of live imaging in the scope of the University Paris-Saclay (but not restricted to) to promote collaborations and innovation (chemist, biologist, physicist, physician, veterinary, mathematician, computer scientist).


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CLIPS 2017

12-13 SEPTEMBER 2017
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