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LPMO symposium

2nd LPMO Symposium

Marseille (France)

7-9 November 2018


After the first successful meeting held in Copenhagen in 2016, the second LPMO symposiumhas been organized in Marseille (France) in November 2018 with presentation of cutting-edge research on this enlarging class of exciting enzymes, which are of great interest from a mechanistic point of view as well as for biotechnological applications. The 2018 symposium was interdisciplinary, offering complementary sessions on the detailed chemistry of catalysis, enzyme diversity, enzymology and industrial applicability for the degradation and modification of polysaccharides.

We thanks all the SPONSORS of the symposium for their support.

The next LPMO symposium will be organized by NMBU in Norway in 2020.

2nd LPMO symposium Marseille 2018(2)