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ICBMC 2017

Scientific Committee

Bernard Cathala

Research Director, INRA-BIA Nantes, FRANCE

Alain Dufresne

Professor INP, Pagora, Grenoble, FRANCE

Etienne Fleury

Professor at INSA de Lyon. Vice-Head of IMP UMR 5223, FRANCE

Yves Grohens

Head of the Composites division of IRDL, FRANCE

Hamid Kaddami

Professor at University CADI AYYAD – Marrakech, LCO2MC, MAROC

Eric Leroy


Denis Lourdin

Research Director INRA-BIA Nantes, FRANCE

Bastien Seantier

Associate Professor IRDL, FRANCE

Coordination and Administrative management:

Marie Lebreton, project engineer, INRA-BIA Nantes 

Laurie Brard, secretary, INRA-BIA Nantes

Isabelle Mimbré, secretary, INRA-BIA Nantes

Sylvaine Bizon, secretary, INRA-BIA Nantes