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ELLS-IAGLR-2018 : \'Big Lakes, Small World\'. Exchange ideas and information on all aspects of large-lake limnology to highlight the diversity and commonalities across the world\'s great lakes.

Instructions for Oral Presentations

Instructions for Oral Presentation

Talks are scheduled in 15-minute time slots. We encourage a presentation of 10 minutes to allow 5 minutes for questions.


To support oral presentations, the rooms will have a microphone, a podium, a computer connected to a multimedia projector and a screen.

In order to use the computer for projecting presentation materials, presentation must be submitted to the ELLS-IAGLR2018 staff at the Palais Lumière one day before your presentation is scheduled.

Speakers will NOT be allowed to upload files on the computers in the rooms where presentations take place and speakers will NOT be allowed to use their own computer.


Each presentation file should be saved either as a Power-point 2016 or Portable Document Format (PDF). 

In case you need to replace the version submitted, you have to do the replacement at the Palais Lumière, at least four hours prior to your presentation.


Please, name your file with the date your presentation is scheduled, the session number, your family name:


Example: For a presentation scheduled on September 25 and accepted in the invited session I2

The name of the file would be: 25_I2_Anneville