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ELLS-IAGLR-2018 : \'Big Lakes, Small World\'. Exchange ideas and information on all aspects of large-lake limnology to highlight the diversity and commonalities across the world\'s great lakes.

Call for HD movie sequences


 The first ever joint ELLS-IAGLR meeting will be promoted through a 15-minute high-definition (HD) video devoted to the symposium and big lakes issues. The video will be made by professionals under the supervision of some members of the steering committee. We encourage the symposium attendees to submit short HD video sequences of “your” lake(s) to illustrate key aspects and issues of big lakes such as biodiversity, eutrophication, invasive species, urbanisation, ecosystem services, etc. Please do not forget the beauty of “your” lake as this is also important for the HD video. 


 -          Provide a few seconds to a few minutes of one or several full HD movie sequences (to be sent through internet, USB key or DVD) with key pieces of information (who, what, when, where)*

-          All sequences must be fully available, free of charge, without copyright

-          The steering committee will make a selection if necessary

-          Contributors will be acknowledged at the end of the movie

-          The deadline for submission is 15th June


 Stéphan Jacquet (


* Note that only a few seconds of each lake will be shown, the duration of this sequence being less than 2 minutes. If you are only able to send a full movie, please indicate precisely your target. Any format could be send, the professional team will manage this.