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ELLS-IAGLR-2018 : \'Big Lakes, Small World\'. Exchange ideas and information on all aspects of large-lake limnology to highlight the diversity and commonalities across the world\'s great lakes.

FlowCam Workshop

FlowCam Workshop
FlowCam Workshop : Free FlowCam workshop for conference attendees that will cover sample preparation, data acquisition and processing strategies. When: Sunday September 23, 2018 14:00 - 16:00

Where:  Big Lakes Small World Conference (exact location to be decided).
Evian, France
The workshop will feature a 20 minute presentation of FlowCam applications followed by hands-on experience with the instrument. Attendees are encouraged to bring samples (e.g. cultures, live or preserved, freshwater or marine systems, phytoplankton or zooplankton) to run on the FlowCam 8000 or FlowCam Macro.

Fluid Imaging Technologies offers a range of imaging flow cytometers, including the FlowCam 8000, FlowCam Macro, and FlowCam Cyano, that image and analyze phytoplankton, zooplankton, and other aquatic microorganisms ranging in size from 3 um to 5mm.

The FlowCam 8000 is an imaging flow cytometer that supports HAB monitoring, phytoplankton characterization and more. The FlowCam 8000 images and analyzes phytoplankton and other aquatic microorganisms ranging in size from 3 µm to 600 µm.

The FlowCam Macro is Fluid Imaging’s latest product, incorporating FlowCam technology into an instrument capable of providing high resolution images and data for zooplankton and particles ranging in size from 250 µm up to 5 mm in size. 

FlowCam Cyano data will be shown during the workshop. The FlowCam Cyano differentiates cyanobacteria and other algae based on the ratio of chlorophyll to phycocyanin.

Seats are limited. Register in advance to secure your spot by emailing The workshop will be conducted in English (and supplemented in German and Spanish if needed). Fluid Imaging Technologies (USA) and Anasysta e.K. (Germany) are co-hosting the workshop.